• Mission


  • The main aims of the Institute is to encourage professional education in writing in the following areas: 
    • STORY writing for the media / audiovisual / public at large 
    • STORY telling for the business community 

    a) STORY writing for the media / audiovisual / public at large.  This comprises of the following areas: 
    • Scriptwriting for films 
    • Scriptwriting for television 
    • Writing documentaries 
    • Writing adaptations 
    • Writing of articles in the general media, whether printed or digital 
    • Novel writing 
    • Stage-play writing 
    • Writing for the audio/radio transmission 
    • Writing as a journalist 

    The above educational courses covers all types of genres from comedies, thrillers drama, romantic, fantasy, socio-political etc…

    b) STORY telling for the business community.  The Institute aims to promote excellence in the education of STORY telling for business use particularly for the following groups: 
    • Business leaders and executives of all fields 
    • Chair persons and Board Directors 
    • CEOs
    • Lawyers / accountants / managers
    • Executives from the Banking Industry 
    • IT industry people 
    • Advertising and promotional groups 
    • Retail companies 
    • Media groups 
    • Political leaders 
    • Strategists, planners and business development teams/individuals.