• Genres Seminar - 4 day course by Robert McKee

    • Ideal for Screenwriters, TV Writers, Novelists, Playwrights, Filmmakers, Directors, Producers, Documentary Makers, Actors and more!

      Two-time Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Goldman wrote, in his most recent book,

      “It’s four full days over a single weekend, and no one feels cheated when he’s done. I wish he had been around when I started writing CUT TO for a living.”

      Bestselling novelist Steve Pressfield simply said,

      “McKee is not only the best teacher of writing I’ve ever had, but the best teacher of anything.”


      • DAY 1

      • Thriller
        A brief history of the Crime Genre
        The 12 subgenres of Crime
        Seven-step creative process
        Clueing Interest strategies
        The psychological Thriller
        Creating the antagonist Protagonist/antagonist relationship
        Story structure and sequence
        Psychological content
        Going to the end of the line
        Twelve shades of thriller endings
        Scene conventions of Crime/Thrillers
        What thrills in the Thriller?
        Screening analysis of SEVEN

      • DAY 2

      • Comedy
        The Love of Comedy
        The comic vision of life
        Comic structure vs. dramatic structure
        The comic character
        Comic turning point
        The Comedy genre – three grand conventions
        The Comedy subgenres
        Mixed genres
        What is laughter?
        Structure of a joke
        The substance of jokes Comic timing Comic devices
        Screening analysis of A FISH CALLED WANDA
      • DAY 3

      • Love Story
        The history of Love
        The nature of Love
        The six subgenres
        The cast
        Ten Love Story conventions
        The celling
        Screening analysis of THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY

      • DAY 4

      • Horror
        History of Horror
        History of Horror
         Film Demographics and box office
        Definition of Horror Horror vs. other genres
        The pleasures of Horror
        The dual reality of Horror
        What is seen – the real and the other
        Perception Women in Horror
        The ultimate key to Horror
        Three basic story patterns
        The three subgenres
        The genre’s conventions
        The twelve possible climaxes
        Screening analysis of horror film – THE LOVED ONES